Why another XPath tester?

Jul 26, 2010 at 4:57 PM


here on CodePlex are some other tools, allowing to test/use XPaths like XPathVisualizer and XmlExplorer.

While the second needs an installation, too, the first can be used out of the box after extracting it from the provided Archive.

Both have their strengths and a different focus, but are good to be used to process XML with XPath expressions.

Your vsXPathTester is very similar to the XPathVisualizer, but the later is much more developed.

Does it really make sense to start another project trying to invent the wheel again?

Please, take a look onto the XPathVisualizer before answering!

Best regards,


Aug 9, 2010 at 6:34 AM

Hello Martin,

Let me ask your cross question.. Why you have Windows when Linux and mac are already in market? Is Bill Gates trying to copy them ? Why we have CodePlex when we have sourceForge before? There is no question why a developer make a software.

I don't know the history of other two projects, but my project was atleast 3 yrs old. It become open source recently. You can check Download.com and Zdnet you will surely find XPath's old version there. So if those two project starts after mine, then I think your question goes to them.

Second part of your question that they are more developed then mine. it is really good to know you have better stuffs to use. My efforts are purely for my pleasure. I don't intend to compete with other developers nor I intend to commericalize my efforts. I just love coding, do that and share it with other so they can help me improve while we develop a usable software.

Hope you understand that why at least I start my projects. BTW I saw XPathVisualizer after I publish my software.

Thanks for Questionning.